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. >> tim: so engaging and such a story. >>> up in relative poverty in salinas, california. his dad and mom both were born in mexico. came to california. he signed a 1.57 contract earlier in the year. the cfo and president of the giants told us a very moving story. >> joe: the batter is allen craig. first up in the bottom of the ninth. strike 1 >> tim: there's larry right there. larry was telling us when romo signed the contract, that he was in tears, saying that he's never thought of making that kind of money. and you hear about all the big salaries being paid all over, joe, and it's just the most moving thing to see a guy who appreciates it like sergio romo. >> joe: one ball, one strike on allen craig, who has doubled tonight 1 for 3. romero has settle into that closer's spot. there's the good breaking ball from romero. strike 2. sergio romo telling us before the game he will never forget getting jay bruise in the ninth inning of game five, the division series that's correct battle, scott rolen, and what it meant to his teammates to get them to the next level and complete that come back.
the real wheel of fortune in culver city, califor: california:"i've been wantingg to be on wheel of footune since i was nee high"wheel of fortune execs say theyywill pick 300 people to go on stage weekendd""nd some poeppe told me today it isn't even about the money, it's their dream to simply be on a gameshow like thii one!" one!""that energy, solve puzzles, automatically pass looking for that something exxra special...sparkle... turn inno a dream trip to calif: "wheel of fortune! theyy &pare caaling my nnme, wheel of this year arks the 30th fox45 3 anniversaryyof wheel of fortune. and you can still earn a spoo as a contestant. the try &pouts forr"wheel of fortune" will continue ssnday aa the hunt valley toww center.. center..and for the best game shows in sure to watch jeopardy weeknights on fox45 at seven o'ccock. wheel of fortune irs right after that at -thirty. and if you are heading to huut valley or anywhere else jackkt. emily gracey is here with her firrt look aa a chilly skywaach ffrecast. 3 3 3 3
... prices in california../. are... draining the wallets of drivers..../adam housley... tells us... why... gas prices there... / seem... to be... oot of 3 from san francisco to san diego, edding to redondo, californians are cringing at the pump. mos says, "it's ffustrating. it really is frustrating." in many cases "frustrating" is the nicest word drivers in the golden state are using hen reacttng to gasoline prices that have spiked in thee neighborhood of fifty-twoo cents, in just the last week. mos sayss "i think the prices areeridiculous. mos sayy, "people working, they need a break. it's too high. it's way too high.""os says, says, "i try not to drive unless i really have to."mos saas, "ten dolllrs in gas doesn't even giveeme a quarter of a tank if i need to put in just ten dollars in gas, so it's eally out of contrrl. i mean its almost five buckssa gallon." the official average of california gas is around four- gallon, the highest on record, with many stations already above five-bucks for reeular unleaded. industry experts blame the incceased cost on alloo for gas imported
's our &phigh school game of the week.. coming up aa 11-30 on the late editioon.. california drivers are experiencing ticker ssock. thursday...gas prices jumped eight centt!customers in regular unleaaed.paying almost 3 "i have neverrseen 5.99, almost six dollars a ggllon. that's insane.""it's goiig to be hard to go to the storr everyone can make ii thessedays" days." experts blame the price hike in outhern california are ces - about 57 cents per gallon hiihhr than the national aveeage of 3-78. &p3 meanwhile.... gas prrces creete a traffic jam in polorado springs.... whhre drivees filled up for half the price. for two hours thursday - this conoco dropped thh prrce of a regular gallon of gas to a dollar 84 gallon. it was paid for byy"morning in ameriia" - conservative grrup trying to promote american energy policy.thh diicount was only offered to the irst 150 cars... which means some drivers waited morr thhn 3 hours to guarantee their spoo at the pump. love knows no bounds. how this pup traveled miles to visit his sick owner. ...and coming p in just 5 &pminutes
in california. 3-hundred of them actually got a chance to audition on stage. "oh yea!!!! i woull be overwhelmed the feeling being here and the music, just makes me feel like i can do this!" 3 this year markssthe 30-th anniversary of wheel f fortunn. for the best game shows ii sure to watch jeopardy weeknights on fox45 at sevvn o''lock.wheel of fortune airs right after that at 7-thirty. 3 still to come... ww head backk out to camdennyards to get more on he passionate fans of this game. a cycling legend.lance armstrong brings his skill and controversy to maryland.the good cause he was supporting, pad to make because of the superstar. ageeeesthe resses that will help you look wonderful... through the years.monday on fox44 morning news. 3- a superstar athlete who's seen his share of controversy was in maryland this weekend racing for a cause. cyclist lance armstrong was in ellicott city todayycompeting raise money for the ulman cancer fund for young adults. organizers dropped the u-s-a triathlon sanctioning so he could take part.armstrong is banned from official events after he chos
of california in berkeley and hoped to do a lot better in this series, facing the giants, of course. a lot of a's fa went to berkeley. finished with a degree in social services. >> joe: he is looking for a two-strike hit. he won't find it. into center, angel pagan is there. one on, one out. allen craig is now 3 out of 25 against the giants right-handed pitching this season. how about the last three games of this nlcs and how dominant the giants have been? the average, the cardinals hitting .191, doing nothing with runners scoring position. the cardinals defensively have four errors in those games and have allowed ten unearned runs in this series, which is an nlcs record. here's molina, who has a three-hit night. good movement on that 94-mile-per-hour fastball. strike 1. javier lopez, the side-arming left-hander, went down to get loose. one on, one out. one ball, one strike. molina with a single in the second, in the fourth and in the sixth. batting in the eighth. he's got a four-hit night. into right center field. holliday will stop at second. two one out. yadier molina now has put together a g
will try to get the series back to california. >> joe: outside. 2-2. >> joe: popped up right side. foul ball. carpenter is there. cardinals win game four. [ applause ] lead three games to one. 8-3 final tonight. [ cheers & applause ] >> joe: a three-hour 17-minute game. cardinals and the history of this organization, 25-1 all-time at home in the post season when they score six or more. tonight, the support was plenty for the pitching of adam wainwright. chris carpenter the leader of the staff. celebrating. mitchell boggs and jason motte. yadier molina after this 8-3 st. louis win. and adam wainwright gets the victory. we'll go down to the field now and erin andrews. >> erin: joe, thank you so much. you said you have good at-bats. you broke out tonight 2. for 5, two rbi. what was the difference, matt? >> player: working on my swing. i felt more comfortable tonight. i was able to get pitches to hit, hit them hard. good results. that always helps the confidence. >> erin: it looked like the top of your line-up there felt good. production out of them as well. what is the key in keeping this
.../// a california man is under arrest, acccsed of driving his pickup truck into a liquor store. surveillance video cappured caused wwen a wall of iquor - fell ooto a stooe clerk. the in the acccdent. police say rt 3 the driver left the ssene moments afterrthe crash. but clearrsurveillance video helped officers track him down a... ffeddrick county... high schooler.../ trying to speak out... against bbllying/... camera.that's... . preston deener... in the white shirt.../ running... away... from the boy... in the dark shirt..../. &pright... befor &pdeener was preparing... to be iiterriewed... three boys... approached him../.ooee.. hit... him in the head....//preston... says....he's been bullied...///.last week... ...he says he fought backk. / and... got suspended for three ddys...//. the... school's... investtgaaing. the student tackled me- and i responded by ppnching back tt staad up for myself for the first time. a ffll investigatioo is number one. that'' step number one, to find out wwat happened, and we'll go from there. the school ... to identiff... t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8